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Melissa, thank you so much for the wonderful massage.  As you know, when I received my massage, we had just driven across country. I had been in the van for three days. My back, shoulders, and neck were so sore and stiff.  During the first few minutes of the massage I could feel the tension melting away. Afterwards all the soreness was gone.
I have received bodywork from several different therapists, and the massage I received from you was one of the most relaxing and healing experiences ever.
I look forward to my next massage from you.
I really enjoyed my massage with Melissa.  As a busy mom of three with lots of daily stress, it was very nice and relaxing.  She seemed to hit the perfect spots to help me with my stiff neck.  I look forward to my next massage!! I would recommend a massage to everyone!
Cathy C
I am a massage snob, and-- although I have enjoyed all but one of the many massages I've received in my long life-- I am addicted to Melissa"s healing touch.  She not only provides a masterful massage, but you can feel her "good" energy throughout the session.  I also had one of the facials, and I'm way overdue for another one. Nothing but goodness, all the way around.
Linda G



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